Greetings Fellow Earthlings...

Greetings my fellow earthly inhabitants!

Emily, here. I’m one of the owners here at ECOrganics, along with my best friend, Zach. We’re just a couple of hippies trying to bring clean and sustainable herbal medicine to our local community!

With all the HYPE that has occurred within the cannabis industry in the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that many companies are out here just trying to capitalise on the quick profits that are romanticised in the industry. This is not us. We are out here because we see through the farce of the pharmaceutical industry and the faulty misconceptions that allowed cannabis prohibition to overtake our country, brainwashing an entire generation of citizens into believing that this glorious plant that has been used therapeutically for CENTURIES is some kind of demon leaf…devil’s lettuce…regardless this kind of thinking is SILLY to us. You’d never see the government trying to outlaw echinacea, turmeric, or nutmeg (even though nutmeg has more psychoactive properties per gram than cannabis!) so why have we spent so many years creating systems to outlaw and repress this powerful herb? The answer is interesting and says a lot about how our country has chosen to operate for so many decades. So we’re here to help you all navigate this convoluted industry (and world)!

Stay tuned for more information and the occasional pun (:

Emily OfsaECOrganics