Hemp Five Panel

Hemp Five Panel


steezy. sustainable. one of a kind.

what more could you want in head wear??

Hemp is an incredibly ECO-friendly resource, you’re probably already aware of the fact that hemp can be grown without pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers while this magnificent ‘weed’ sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and toxins from the soil- TIGHT- but did you also know that anything made from hemp is 100% BIODEGRADABLE?? guess what happens to polyester and synthetic fabrics when you decide you’re too cool for them…NOTHING, that’s right just like the ugly plastic shopping bags you refuse to pick up at the grocery, your CLOTHES will never breakdown in a landfill if they’re synthetic….

If that wasn’t enough to sell you, you should also know that hemp is natural door and moisture wicking so if you’re a sweat-head this is the hat for you.

American made, machine washable, hand embroidered.

Get with it, wear hemp, save the world, and look fresh while doing it.

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