Hemp T Shirts

Hemp T Shirts

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Made from a luxurious blend of sustainable hemp fiber and soft, cozy ORGANIC cotton these T-shirt’s are decorated with hemp sketch created and designed by two local artists.

Hemp is naturally moisture and door wicking while the organic cotton adds extra plush!

Did you know that polyester and other synthetic fibres may be contributing to ocean pollution?! Since polyester is created from plastic, as it degrades tiny little pieces often referred to as ‘micro plastics’ get released into our waterways via the drainage of our washing machines :0 !

Did you know that cotton is the #1 most pesticide-ridden, energy-intensive crop that we grow on Earth, this is why organic cotton is ESSENTIAL!!

Stick to natural fibers from sustainable sources, like hemp (and cotton as long as it is certified organic)!

These steezy tees are currently available in herb or navy.

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