Marjana (Cleansing) Mist

Marjana (Cleansing) Mist

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Marjana means ‘to cleanse’ in Sanskrit.

Organic witch hazel, lemon, eucalyptus, pachouli, and naturally bacteria, virus, & fungus fighting full spectrum CBD combine to produce an odor and germ busting mist that is safe to use on your yoga mat AND your face (yeah, it’s that f*$%ing organic). This all-natural mist can be sprayed on your yoga mat, props to keep them fresh between practices, & can then be spritzed directly on your skin for a refreshing post-workout pseudo-shower without leaving any traces of harmful chemicals for your body to absorb!

The mist can be purchased in ready to use diluted form (2 oz or 8 oz) or can be purchased in bulk (by the gallon) in its concentrated state.

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