Omega Blend Hemp Extract

Omega Blend Hemp Extract

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This heart healthy blend of Full Spectrum KY Grown CBD and Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed oil is the perfect remedy for folks looking for a mellow serving of CBD combined with the amazing nutritional and health benefits of hemp seed oil!

We all know CBD, extracted from the flower of the Cannabis plant, has a slew of therapeutic properties and may help with a wide variety of ailments but did you know that the seeds of the cannabis plant have their own benefits??

For real! Hemp seeds and thus cold pressed hemp seed oil boast the ideal ratio of omega 3’s and 6’s (better than fish oil!), amino acids, protein, folic acid- high in quality protein, healthy fats, AND hella minerals

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check our blog for vegan recipes to create with hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, and CBD (:

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Product contains 5 mg Full Spectrum CBD per mL + Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil + Organic MCT Coconut Oil

No preservatives, flavouring, colouring, or additives.