Tub Terps- CBD Infused Bath Bombs

Tub Terps- CBD Infused Bath Bombs


Enjoy a soak with one of our completely natural, organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, KY Proud bath bombs are infused with the finest full-spectrum CBD oil that the great hemp state of Kentucky has to offer!

CBD is just one of many therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant, also located in the resinous trichomes are many beneficial flavanoids and terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds secreted to attract pollinators and deter pests. These molecules are what give each and every plant a distinct smell and what differentiates strains from each other.

Each one of our bath bombs is meant to mimic different therapeutic terpene blends.

Linalool (found predominately in purple flowers like lavender and deep purple indica strains) is thought to have calming antidepressant and anti anxiety effects on users.

Our other blend, meant to mimic an uppity sativa, contains essential oils that contain alpha-pinene (cedarwood, pine, eucalyptus, rosemary), a compound known to increase alertness while calming anxiety.

Our new terpene on the block, just in time for fall is caryophyllene. This spicy compound, found in many edible plants like cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper, is known to boost our immune systems and promote mental clarity.



Terpene Profile:
Throw It In the Bag

You will never find synthetic ingredients, unnatural chemicals, fragrances, or dyes in our products. We use completely, all-natural, organic essential oils to achieve our terpene profiles. To color our bombs we utilize French green clay and beet extract which is why our bombs don't always change the color of the water in your tub- but honestly is that instagram boomerang really worth all of those harmful chemicals passing through your body's largest organ??